A client recently asked me “What made you get in to helping clients from the sex industry?”.

This is what I said:

A few years ago, I wrote an article about accountants who don’t respect their clients and I questioned whether it was possible for those accountants to give a decent service with that attitude. It wasn’t aimed at a specific industry.

Completely out of the blue a woman phoned me and told me her accountant didn’t respect her. The more we talked the more she explained her position. She worked in the adult entertainment industry and had used a local accountant for a number of years but she always felt that he didn’t approve of what she did and worse still asked her personal questions about her work which in her opinion were irrelevant to preparing her accounts and tax return. Sleazy was how she described him.

I told her that if that’s how she felt then I was sure she was correct.

She asked me to act for her. Very quickly I discovered that many people in the industry felt the same but just accepted their situation.

My attitude of respecting clients (I say on my website “You’re in a profession just like us so make sure you choose accountants who respect you”), being non-judgemental and specialising in the industry has been a success.


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