HMRC target the adult entertainment industry

HMRC are cracking down on tax-dodging adult club owners and adult entertainers in a new campaign. I'm fairly certain they were encouraged by their success in catching Janine Adeleke who hid the £650,000 income she earned from her London-based escort agency so that she could avoid paying tax and claim state benefits

HMRC are becoming more and more sophisticated in finding information on the internet and checking back to their own records. I'm quite sure that over the next few months they'll be looking at AdultWork.com and wishlists on Amazon.

As always, if you're worried about your tax position you should take professional advice. And remember it's usually cheaper in the long run to own up to HMRC before they come knocking on your door.

Finally, make sure you choose accountants who respect your profession. Far too many firms snigger at clients in the sex industry. As an accountant I question whether those firms give their best in that situation.

Find a firm that treats you with respect from the start.


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