How the Budget will affect you if you're in the adult entertainment industry

For most us my answer is "not a lot".

"A Budget for the United Kingdom (hopefully) rather than for the individual" would be my summary of today's Budget.

Admittedly, if you're a first time buyer you'll benefit from the abolition of Stamp Duty Land Tax on properties costing less than £300,000, in London the price limit is £500,000 but it's only the first £300,000 which will be free of Stamp Duty but for the rest of us there isn't much.

Duty (tax) isn't being increased on beer, wine, and spirits so we can still enjoy Christmas and the New Year. Tax on petrol and diesel isn't being increased either and we'll pay slightly less tax in 2018/19 than we are currently. If your profits are £30,000 per year you'll be £7.33 per month better off next year.

Finally, and this is what we should probably be most grateful for, the Chancellor didn't reduce the VAT registration limit from the current limit of £85,000. In fact he said it would remain at this level for two years. When he mentioned a limit of about £15,000 in Germany I began to shake. None of us in this industry want to be registered for VAT. Thank goodness we have a couple of years before the issue is raised again.


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