Will 2018 be the year you buy your own property?

The Chancellor's announcement in this week's Budget that first time buyers will not pay any Stamp Duty Land Tax on properties costing less than £300,000 (in London the price limit is £500,000 but it's only the first £300,000 which will be free of Stamp Duty) may be the incentive you need to reach out for your own property.

We work very closely with a firm of mortgage advisors who understand the uniqueness of the adult entertainment industry and who are often able to place mortgages on the basis of a year's income.

Not surprisingly the number one ambition of most of our clients is to own their own property.

I'm of an age where I think this should be everyone's number one financial consideration and I'll fight tooth and nail to make sure it happens for clients.

The important thing is to to start planning early. No matter how unlikely it seems today, turn over a new leaf tomorrow and if you want to own your own property start planning for it.

Phone me or email and let me help you take your first step on the property ladder.


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