This app makes bookkeeping fun

Nobody likes bookkeeping and in this day and age I think the only option is a phone app.

Desktop and online software are fine for "office based businesses" but if you're a one person business using a mixture of cash and bank payments (including debit and credit card payments) I don't think you can beat 1taptax

You don't even have to record the payment just take a photo of the receipt and the app does the rest. It doesn't matter how you paid it (cash, direct debit or one of your cards). 

If you don't have a receipt you can enter the payment manually and e-mail receipts (Amazon, EBay, etc) can be e-mailed to the app.

Their latest version allows you to record income as well.

If you have an accountant, the information is sent to them so they can be more proactive with their advice. (If your accountant doesn't have this facility you may need a more proactive accountant :-) 

Over the next few weeks I shall using my blog to highlight the advantages of this app. I will enter links in this forum as I publish them.


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