Mortgage and landlord references

Lenders and landlords are expecting more and more information from us when asking for references.

This has changed what was once a simple process into an administrative headache.

Quite often we receive a request without the client’s authority to disclose the information. Obviously, in that situation, we contact the client before doing anything else! Agents also have a habit of asking for salary details instead of details of profit which means a phone call to explain the difference. Worse still they ask for “a description of the business activities” – don’t worry, we are very good at talking around the point.

With all references, we make a point of adding some additional information which will add to your chance of success with the application.

We always reply immediately to references (subject to having the necessary authority) and follow up with a phone call to make sure the agent has everything they need but more importantly to make sure they are dealing with the client’s application.


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