As a general rule I say " If the expense is connected (even slightly) with the business you should be able to claim it (or a proportion of it). Write it down, don't think it's "silly to try to claim it" and let us decide.

Some of the expenses you can claim are obvious:
  • Hotels
  • Advertising
  • Travel costs
  • Condoms

Some aren't so obvious:

  • Clothing
  • Make up
  • Hair and nails
  • The cost of working from home
  • Sex toys

And some may or may not be allowable for tax purposes

  • Meals
  • Cosmetic surgery

Typically there isn't a simple answer to the question "Can I claim this as an expense?". It all depends on your business and how you operate your business.

Rest assured though that we'll ask the right questions to make sure we claim everything to make sure you pay as little tax as possible.


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