How to stop AdultWork adding VAT to their fees

AdultWork will automatically add 20% VAT to the fee they charge you unless you prove you're a UK business.

To do this you'll have to complete VAT Details page which you can find on the AdultWork website at My Details/Credits/Transfer Request Form. Where it says "Note: Are you using AdultWork.com as a business or sole trader?" click on "more info."

In the first box, where it says "To find out if you meet the requirements and to supply the relevant documents" click on "click here".
The page which appears isn't the easiest page to understand!

  1. Enter your own address as the Registered Address.
  2. Enter your UTR (Unique Tax Reference) in the Tax Reference No. box.
  3. You will have to upload Proof Documents for (a) your UTR (b) identity verification and (c) proof of commercial activity.
Even though the VAT number box is highlighted you don't have to enter anything if you're not VAT registered.
    P.S. I did this myself, uploading an HMRC letter as proof of my UTR, a copy of my passport for identification and my domain renewal invoice as proof of commercial activity and, within an hour, AdultWork had verified me. Amazing service.


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