Don't treat HMRC as fools. They're not. HMRC have huge resources and they are starting to learn how to use the internet to their advantage. They have spent £100m or more on a super-computer designed to identify those who may have paid too little (or no) tax. They have ...
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AdultWork will automatically add 20% VAT to the fee they charge you unless you prove you're a UK business. To do this you'll have to complete VAT Details page which you can find on the AdultWork website at My Details/Credits/Transfer Request Form. Where it says " Note: Are ...
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HMRC is watching you

December 12, 2016
HMRC have, for the last two to three years, been using a system called 'Connect' to identify tax evaders. Connect accesses information from nearly 30 different sources, including the internet obviously, and then allows HMRC to search on individuals, specific addresses and s...
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