What you need to know about HMRC if you're in the adult entertainment industry

  1. Don't treat HMRC as fools. They're not.
  2. HMRC have huge resources and they are starting to learn how to use the internet to their advantage. They have spent £100m or more on a super-computer designed to identify those who may have paid too little (or no) tax.
  3. They have set up an "adult entertainment" taskforce specifically to target the adult entertainment industry.
  4. If you're self employed you have to notify HMRC. There is no de minimis amount below which you don't have to register. If you're self employed, no matter how little you earn, you have to register with HMRC. The time limits are quite generous but my advice is to register as soon as possible. There are advantages.

A qualified accountant will take away your worries about HMRC

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